I was going around youtube trying to find some new music to listen to and one of the comments caught my eyes:

The Script taught me how to move on.

Greenday taught me that government’s gonna fail someday.

Bruno Mars taught me to do anything for that one person I love.

Eminem taught me that life is hard but you can make it through.

Travis taught me to be generous.

Taylor Swift taught me not every guy is going to treat me right.

30 Seconds to Mars taught me to speak whats on my mind.

Michael Jackson taught me to always love the people around me.

Music taught me to live.

Go Go Power Rangers?

This dream was probably inspired by Seraku and C.Wolf’s story. The beginning was a pack of wolf with dogs. They were chasing us. Us being me and a group of peeps I don’t know, and Claire or was it Mei well it was a female wolf on our side for sure. So we are suppose to kill of the leader wolf on the other pack because it was the only way to defeat them. They had more minions the us. We were able to separate the leader from the pack. It was inside my brother’s room. I held the door so stop the other dogs from getting in while claire/mei was battling it out with the leader. I struggle to hold the door so I call Fire, he was a human name Fire you’ll see why later. He came to my aid! I turned around so I had my back against the wall and the whole plotline changed.

Now it was this evil queen we had to fight( we’re still in my brothers room). There was four of us : Fire, Gills (water), Wind, and Psychic (names of the people). It was weird because Psychic was a girl with short hair and me at the same time. Anyways everyone was able to control the elements they are name after however they attack with shard colored after the element’s color so fire is red shards. Gills (girl) was the leader of our group attacked first with ice shards. The queen simple blocked it with one of her elements and attacked Wind with one of her ice shards which pierce him in the face. He when down . We continuously attacked her until she challenged Psychic. Psychic was attacking her with purple shards but The queen use her …telekinesis ( psychic powers) to stop the shards then endlessly attacked her to see if she could stop the shards. Psychic slipped up and an electric shards stabbed her through the right arm and electrocuted her. Psychic pulled the shard out and the scene changed. I wake up to find myself in some sort of dorm room with a burning pain on my right arm . Wind is there and we walk to the lunch room. We over heard Gills talking about gathering everyone that is able to control shard elements cause we are missing a couple of elements in our group.
I wake up for reals, right arm hurts but i think it was numb because i was sleeping weird. And I really felt like it was some kind of Power Ranger group xD.

Oh one more thing! This was the beginning beginning of my dreams Something about Fresh Prince of Bell-air and my tooth falling out and breaking into two. Oh I was Hilary Or just saw what she did. It was a dark twist on the fresh prince show.

Cupid’s Gun!?

This is one part of today dream. How fun would it be to shot the person you like xD. It was a group of people i know. One bullet per person when the bell rings shot the person you like. It like being cupid but with guns. In this game I was in the second round, had some trouble loading the gun but I got it loaded. So I aimed at my crush, though i didn’t want to kill him so I aimed at his shoulder. Then this guy (C,E) pops out from behind the left side of the guy I was shotting at. I decide to move to the right so C,E couldn’t shot me, yea I use my crush as a shield. I thought that was craven of me. Anyway the bell rang and I shot him. It turned out that the sliver look alike bullet was just like a BB. No blood but it does hurt as I learned when talking to the guy i shot.
Yup that was one part of the dream! There was more to it but I can’t really explain it except that I was in a bus with some peeps i knew to clean the city or something. I was partner up with my big bro and we got yelled at by this cashier when we asked her what was the zip code of the city I think it was 9063 or something. There was more to this part but I forgot it.

Welcome to my Dreams

This section will be more informal and messy then the others. However it will contain more interesting things as my dreams are also wacky or the ones that I’ll put on here. I’ll put up past dreams and recent. Enjoy <3

A.D.A.T part 1

Story : Part 1

The night supplanted the daylight, blinding the wandering eyes of the world. At the side of the forest mountain, two small faint figures struggle to climb the steep slope. A boy with simmering white hair that turned dull gray as the sunset sank held tightly to a younger girl with flowing black hair. She stumbled causing the boy to stop; he looked at her with urgency. Tears were pushing their way out of her eyes “Why are we running!?” she cried, out of breath.

He reached over and wiped the tears away “It’s a game…a game of tag.” He replied calmly, helping her on his back.

She hanged on gently “A game of tag? Are we finding someone?” She asked sniffling.

“No, someone is finding us.” He replied carefully crossing a vicious river.

“Who is it?”

“Bad people…”


“ShidaAaa…A” Disha called out, wondering where her little fox friend went.

Disha, along with Azai, went looking for Shida along a mountain side where they were supposed to explore, until Shida disappeared again. “Ever since that incident with the wolves she seems to evaporate into thin air.” Azai said walking along the river bed.

“Then she comes back telling us amazing stories! AHA, Shida, Where are you?! I want to have fun like you! Don’t leave me alone with this emotionless turtle…” Disha whined, glancing over at Azai.

Azai seem not to care about the comment she made about him. “…I can have some fun without her!” The raccoon said staring at Azai with glowing red eyes and showing her sharp teeth.

“Disha…what are you thinking…about?” the helpless turtle gulped, cringing as far back as possible.

“I wondered if land turtles hold their breath for as long as a sea turtle can.” Disha laughed maliciously as she quickly grabbed him and placed him over the speeding river.

“Disha! Disha! DISHA! STOP! Truce! I’ll do whatever you want! Just stop! Stop!” Azai shrieked, struggling while glazing down at the rapid river gurgling for a taste of turtle.

“This is what I want from you! 1-2-“ Disha happily sang; Azai held his breath. “Hi guys!” Shida said appearing from nowhere.

Azai sighed in relief; however Disha dropped him into the water to go hug Shida.

“Um…Disha…I think we should go save Azai.” Shida said watching Azai get pushed around by the watercourse.

“Do we have to that emotionless kame?” Disha asked heartlessly.

“I’ll tell you a story along the way.” Shida said persuasively.



The sound of gun fire and rabid hounds echo throughout the silent forest covered mountain. The boy cowered “They’re getting closer, hang on tight!” he whispered cautiously looking around the maze of trees.

The girl obeyed and held on a little tighter “This is a scary game!” she said barring her face onto his shoulder.

“I know, but we can win, just keep quiet.” She nodded.

He toiled up the slope of the hill but maintained a good pace. They were nearly at the top when the boy spotted a small tunnel. He gingerly put the girl down. “Go in there.” He pointed to the murky opening.

She clutched him “NO” her voice quaver.

“Don’t worry I’ll be right behind you.” He said giving her a little push in.

Crawling, the tunnel led to a diminutive cave where she gradually curled up in to a ball and waited for the boy to come inside.

The boy stared at the tunnel, then went back to cover their tracks and make new ones to throw them off. Behind him the tunnel was gone there was only a small bush that mask the opening.

Dusk had completely taken over the land and the young boy was near complete on his task. There was sudden snap of a nearby twig. The boy crouched down and inspected the area. He spotted the glimmer of the rim of the gun created by the moonlight but it was too late. Blood spattered on the grass; the boy felt him arm go numb. “I got the boy however the girl isn’t around.” The man said to his headset.

The boy got up and tried to run but he was shot in the leg. Once more his leg went numb and he fell over. “Got you now brat.” The man with the sniper came up to him.

The girl began to worry, it was already night, and he still wasn’t back. She tried to calm herself by listening to a small stream of water rolling down the side of the cave. However she still toss and turn; looking at ceiling she thought “Something bad happen…he’s gone…disappear…forever.”
The rivulet ad infinitum smoothing plopping of the water drops made her more anxiety.

The boy didn’t say anything, he just smiled. The man was enraged by this and came closer. The boy blew to the ground and soon enough a large fire attacked the man. The boy ran to where the girl was hiding. Behind him, a strong wind covered his trail and the trees seemed to rearrange themselves.

The girl had it; if something had happen to the boy she would find out what. She crawled through the tunnel and pushed the bush out of the way. There the boy laid, alive but had severe blood loss. The girl rushed out and pulled him inside. He was much heavier than expected and was only able to drag him to the entrance. She looked at the ground for a few seconds, the earth seem to have a mind of its own. The ground swallowed the blood and bush, the floor underneath her and the boy moved to the room, while the entrance closed up leisurely.

She cleaned his wound, but the bleeding didn’t stop. “He’s going to die. He’s going to die, He’s going to die.” The boy held her hand and weakly said “Bullets.”

She understood now, she placed her hand over his shoulder; silver liquid arose into her hand. She clenched her fist and released it and a bullet fell. She did the same to the wound on his leg. After that the bleeding finally stopped. The boy fell asleep, the girl curled up next to him. She loved the warmth of his body, she wondered if he was uncomfortable with the coldness of hers.


The Beginning

The sun was setting, painting the world with pastel colors as the August breeze rattled the leaves. The chimes of a ringing bell were approaching. A Red Fox with a rather beautiful silver bell around its neck sprinted by, screaming at the top of her lungs, breaking the silence of a peaceful dirt road that lead into the heart of a serene forest. The bell rang in rhythm of the dashing fox as a mob of people ran after her, yelling and shouting with a blinding fury.

It was near the edge of the forest when a pack of wolves jumped out of the bushes. The fox cowered as the wolves gave a blood thirsty glare, however the wolves didn’t go after the fox, they went after the people.

A jet black wolf, the obvious alpha male, approached the fox with a low, threatening growl.

“You stupid, moronic fox! What the hell were you thinking?! Bringing these filthy humans to our territory! Despicable!!” He barked.

“I’m sorry!! I’m so very sorry!! I’m leaving!!” The fox quivered, lowering her ears in submission.

She quickly turned to leave, but two great wolves blocked her way. “You are on our turf now, fox. You’re punishment: DEATH! the alpha male hollered with gleeful bloodlust.

“Eek!” The fox couldn’t help but squeal in horror.

“Wait!” A dull gray wolf spoke up, “Let the little one rest. She has been running for miles away from those savages.” She gave the alpha male a devious look.

“Alright, bring the fox with us. She seems to have taken interest in our unwanted guest.” The alpha male sighed then turned around toward a darker, shadowy part of the forest. The rest of the pack followed reluctantly.

The bell jingled as the dark ashen wolf led the fox into a den.

“Please, make yourself at home.” The alpha female welcomed her while digging something up from the dirt with her sharp claws. The fox happily made herself comfortable until she saw a few pups huddled against the den’s walls. The vixen’s eyes sparkled with delight.

“Oh my gosh! They are so lovely!” She complemented and began to rub her face against them. “And so soft! Heehee.” she giggled. The alpha female dropped a unidentifiable piece of a carcass in front of the fox.

“It was leftover from a feast. Go ahead and eat it.”

“Thank you, kind alpha female.” The fox spoke awkwardly before digging in. Eying the luminous bell, the alpha female laughed.

“Call me Shizuka, and the alpha male is Yoru. May I ask for your name?”

Settling down, she replied, “It’s Shida.”

“So why were you being chase by those barbaric humans?” Shizuka asked while cuddling with the pups.

“It’s kind of a long story.” Shida warned with an awkward voice.

“It would be a nice bedtime story for the kids. If you don’t mind, that is.”

“Oh, no, I don’t mind…I guess…It was just this morning,” Shida started, “I was sun bathing as usual…”


Shida was curled up on a cafe table enjoying the warmth of the sun. The slow smell of cakey goodness reached the sleeping fox’s nose. Her eyes flashed open as a string of drool began form from her mouth. She slurped the saliva up and hopped down the table to the glass window where they display the menu. “Ohh! They’re selling strawberry short cake today!!” She told herself with delight while walking up to the door. “Yap yap! Yap yap!” Shida called as she rapidly scratched the door of the shop.

A young man in an apron opened the door.

“Shida! What will it be today?” he asked, crouching down to pet her. She pawed at his leg, walked to the display case, and pointed to the strawberry short cake. “Ah, yes. One strawberry short cake coming up.” The man left to the door. Another man, neatly dress with a tag on his shirt, came walking down the street. When he saw her, he froze in shock.

“You again?!” He shouted angrily.

“Uh-oh!” Shida made a run for it.

“You vermin!” The manger yelled, sprinting towards the red fox .

Shida ran randomly around the town until, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted something interesting. She made a sharp u-turn and ran to the object. It was a silver bell hanging by a ribbon.

“Shinny!” she trotted around it with glee. She began trying to grab it, but as she continued to play with it, the loop that the bell was on began to slide off. Then it fell to the floor.

“Ouch!” A strange voice echoed.

The tiles on the floor began to disintegrate, trees began to sprout, buildings melted and mixed into the ground. Shida was oblivious to her evolving surroundings, for she was still playing with the bell like a cat with a ball of yarn. She flicked her tail and bell flew next to a red flower with black dots. She trotted to the bell, looked at the plant curiously, and picked the bell up with her tail. As she turned to leave, the red flower grabbed her paw with its petals.

“What the flan?!” She struggle to get out of the plants vicious ‘mouth’. Luckily it threw Shida up into the air and tried to eat her that way. The bell rang, and the plants began to reverse in growth. The buildings arose from the ground while the ground hardened and concrete appeared. Shida fell onto the solid floor. “Ah! The pain! The agony!!” Twitching as she yelled dramatically, Shida’s paw reached for the sky.

“Ha! That’s what you get for waking me.” The bell chimed. Shida jumped.

“…Who’s there?”

“You stupid fox! Just put me back on that shrine. The sun reflects off of me just perfectly!”

The fox lifted the bell to the sun. “Yes it doe-”

“Evil spirit, be gone!” The priest came out with a broom.

“Eek!!” Shida put the bell around her neck in a panicked motion.

“Hey, I have no part in this!!” It screamed in response.

She rushed to the beach as a group of towns people where now after her, closing in quickly. The silver bell chimed a mystical pulse emerged from it.

The scenery began to change as the white, dimension-distorting ripple come upon it. The people began to evaporate, sand consume the land from below as the sea seemed to be pushed farther and farther away, forming into a sea of nothingness.

“What are you going to do now foxy?! Until you agree to put me back on to that shrine I will not let you leave! You will die from hunger, or thir- Hey! What are you doing?”

Shida was completely ignoring the fact that she will never get out of this sandy world for she was building a sand castle.

“…Do you even know the power that I possess?! I can control TIME!!”

Shida still building her castle. “Where ever you go you can get to the past or the future of the area you are at! But, like I’ll give into the likes of you!”

Shida begins to dig a hole, the flying dirt buring the bell in the process. “Hey what are you doing?! Stop that! You’ll get sand-”

“I’ll continue to dig until you agree that I can time travel with you!” Shida said digging faster, lifting more dirt into the air and crashing it down onto the bell.

“You know that you can’t get out of here without me.”

“You’re in no position to say that either.” Shida said smiling deviously. This was at a matter of patience and tolerance. One would have to give in eventually.

Shida stopped digging because she got tried, but by that time the bell was buried under 10 ft of sand. After few minutes there was a white pulse, buildings erupted from the ground and the wind blew the sand to create people.

“Fine!!! I’ll work for you!! Just get the sand off of me!” The bell rang viciously. Shida smiled grabbed the bell by the string and shuck the sand out. ” There it is!!” A person pointed while running to the fox. She quickly put the bell around her neck once more.

“As you can see, the rest of the tale leads to here.” Shida said, yawning.

“I see…” Shizuka said, still staring at the bell with great intent, “How about you rest here for the night? You have no other place to stay, right?”

“Thank you for your generosity.” Shida said bowing.

“I’m going to run some errands now, if you don’t mind. Good night, young fox.” Shizuka said while trotting to the mouth of the den. She gave the fox and pups one last icy blue glare before exiting. The whole pack had gathered outside. Anxious whines and yelps of uncertainty echoed throughout the family of wolves.

“Shizuka-sama, why did you let that fox stay?”

“Because she has that bell.”

“What can that thing even do?”

“Did you just leave her there with the pups?!”

The crowd grew uneasy with mixed emotions. Wolves shifted on their feet nervously, some paced around others. Shizuka growled.

“Silence!” She barked for order. “If we can get that bell, then we will be able to go back to the time when food was plentiful, when our pups were strong, and defeat the other wolves in this forest, so that we would be the rulers!” Shizuka explained with a voice that seemed to tower above all others. The wolves began to howl in greedy victory. “Quiet!! You fools! We will take the bell when the fox is asleep…”

“Why wait? Why not get the bell now? There’re many more of us than her. And on top of that, we are wolves, and she, a mere, young fox.”

“Looks can be decieving. The fox is a sly, devious one. She has gotten the bell to work for her.” Shizuka said now standing guard at the mouth of the den. She knew that they’d have to wait until Shida was fast asleep before taking action.

It was 7 o’clock when Shizuka directed the wolves to attack. “Move out…Or in…”

Shida was quietly sleeping next to the pups. She would have looked like another pup, except she was orange and had a puffier tail.

“Go! Get the bell!”

Three wolves went to her, slowly taking the bell from around her neck. Shida then giggled ominously.

“You don’t want to do that…” She warned with a wry laugh.

“You are in no position to speak such words.” One of the wolf said with its deadly jaws open over her body.

“Oh really?” Shida asked with a sinister voice. A pup began to whine, “Do you not care about the heirs to your pack?” She asked. The wolves looked at each other in fear.

“What are you doing?” Shizuka said coming in. Once she spoke, Shida put her jaws around her pup’s little neck. She gave a low, warning growl. “Let him go…You miserable scavenger…” Shizuka growled even lower than her and beared her teeth.

“…What threat can you place on me? By the time you get here, I’ll have ripped his little throat out.” Her sentence was muffle from the fur of the pup.

Shizuka and Shida locked in a tense glare until…

“ShidAaAaAA….A” A plump raccoon came dashing by with a turtle on her head who was unenthusiastically calling Shida’s name out. The wolves turned to the face raccoon. Seeing her chance Shida made a mad dash out the den.

“Get her, you idiots!!” Shizuka barked loudly, however the orange blur was already out the den.

Shida chucked the pup to the wolves before speaking, “Disha! Escape Plan Number 14!!”

The raccoon nodded and ran into a different direction, while Shida went another. The wolves split into two smaller groups. Shizuka was in the one after Shida while the alpha male madly dashed after the plump raccoon. Shida and Disha ran in different directions but were headed to the same area: another wolf pack. When they got to the territory, they started to yap…bark…whatever sounds raccoons make. They meet each other at the other wolf’s den.

“Disha….where’s Azai?”

“…I think I dropped him when I was yapping…” Disha replied. She seemed not to care about their turtle friend. Wolves began to appear out of the bushes.

“I’ll go get him. Let’s meet up at area 0473!″ Shida said, know taking off in the direction Disha come from and vice visa for Disha.

Azai was slowly walking back to town when HE WAS GRABBED BY AN ANIMAL WITH RAZOR SHARP TEETH!!

“Hi Azai!” Shida tried to say.

“Hi, Shida…Why I’m I even friends with you?”

“Because you just are.” Shida replied and grinned.

At area 0473 (a.k.a., a cafe) the threesome were happily eating some pastries. “Is every day like this?” the bell rang. Shida didn’t reply. She continued on eating the delicious pastry “Why do I have a bad feeling about this…” The bell thought to itself.

The Beginning

The coming of A.D.A.T

Another Day Another Time is composed of a series of short stories with one intertwined main plot line. A curious fox stumbled upon two bells that contain two paramount spirits. One with the power of time and the other of space. She and her companions go from realm to realm in search of adventure however totally oblivious to the slow deterioration of her world.

Hello World!

Welcome to the land of my imagination! Explore this wondrous place with delight, you never know what it’ll contain. All I ask is for you to enjoy your stay and let the stories unravel.